Going to Cuba? Effective January 16, 2015 US Citizens no longer need the OFAC License. There are just a few trip cancellation travel insurance plans that will cover you. All the other companies are working with their underwriters and legal teams on this. Pending a decision on how this will be handled, they will continue as they have been doing and not allowing coverage for trips to Cuba.

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Trip & Travel Insurance For Your Cuba Trip

Travel Insurance for Cuba: All travellers to Cuba must have a travel insurance policy with medical benefits when travelling to Cuba. The insurance policy must be purchased from the country of departure and upon demand, travellers must present a policy, insurance certificate or travelling assistance card valid for the duration of their stay in Cuba. This will be checked by an immigration official when you arrive in Cuba. If acceptable documentation is not provided, then you have to buy travel insurance in Cuba.

Are You Taking a Pleasure or Humanitarian Trip to Cuba?

One Travel Insurance Provider (3 plans) cover any US resident who travels to Cuba:

Maria, Miami, Florida says,“I feel that it would be extremely beneficial to you if you advertised that you do indeed insure trips that are going to Cuba.

My experience was to find a great price online only to phone and find out that if that place did not insure trips to Cuba. I spent many hours on the phone only to end in frustration. People may assume that Cuba is an off limits place for you to insure to.

I was also extremely pleased to find out that your policies cover pre-existing medical conditions. Using www.TripInsuranceStore.com was truly a no-brainer as the service was top notch with such a high level of professionalism, and your rates are truly the best that I have seen! I was treated very, very kindly. Keep up the great work!!!”

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is financial protection for you when you’re taking a trip. For example, if you’re hit by a cement truck on your trip, travel insurance can pay your medical bills or pay what your regular insurance doesn’t cover. And, Medicare doesn’t cover you outside the USA.

Here Are Sample Prices for the Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector plan (21 day Deadline to get Pre-existing Coverage)

$3500 Prepaid Trip Cost
Ages 0 – 34 = $136 Ages 35 – 58 = $106 Ages 59 – 65 = $206 Ages 66 – 70 = $231
Ages 71 – 80 = $396 Ages 81 – 85 = $476 Ages 86 + = $576
$4500 Prepaid Trip Cost
Ages 18 – 34 = $174 Ages 35 – 58 = $198 Ages 59 – 65 = $307 Ages 66 – 70 = $322
Ages 71 – 80 = $468 Ages 81 – 85 = $631 Ages 86 + = $715
$5500 Prepaid Trip Cost
Ages 18 – 34 = $220 Ages 35 – 58 = $266 Ages 59 – 65 = $388 Ages 66 – 70 = $453
Ages 71 – 80 = $555 Ages 81 – 85 = $831 Ages 86 + = $923

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